People Strategy- Guest Bloggers Shawn Boyer and Greg Moyer

I find it useful to connect with people that have an entirely different perspective from my own. Always something to learn. It is generally interesting too, because (at least for me) they speak in a foreign way. Typically we align in values and general interests, but the way these folks read information, make use of it and return thoughts to the world is categorically different. 

So I thought it would be interesting to pose the subject of Workplace Innovation to Shawn and Greg- two business minds that have built a very innovative model- you may know if Snagajob and if not, look them up. You can learn more about their work here

Here is what they had to say:


What’s Your People Strategy?

I am an absolute believer that the only way a company ever attains its full potential is by creating an intentional People Strategy, which creates a culture that allows the company to attract and retain the best talent and get the best contribution from that talent.  

Of course you have to have a sound business strategy.  But, when you think about it, who creates that business strategy?  That talent.  Who iterates or potentially significantly alters that strategy based on changing market conditions?  That talent.  Who executes that strategy?  And, yes, that would be that talent again obviously.

It all comes back to who you have on the team and the environment that you create that allows that team to operate at its absolute optimal best.  As a TEAM.  Not just a collection of high performing individuals. 

That’s culture.  And, the only way to create that ideal culture for your organization - and anyone else’s for that matter! - is to develop an intentional People Strategy that provides the direction, framework and processes necessary to guide and sustain a purposeful and highly engaging culture.  One that the best talent wants to come to.  And to stay with.  And, that inspires them to give you their very best.


In my opinion, there are 3 key components to a People Strategy that creates that kind of winning culture:

  1. Building a Cohesive Leadership Team

  2. Creating Strategic Clarity

  3. Execution Via Reinforcing Practices

Without all 3 of these components, you won’t be able to optimize your culture.  Below is a snapshot on each of these 3 key components and why they’re so important.


  1. Building a Cohesive Leadership Team - As goes the leadership team, so goes the rest of the company.  A unified culture with every team member pulling in the same direction can only happen when the leadership team is aligned and functioning in a cohesive manner.  This is not a natural act for many leaders who feel more closely connected to the team that reports directly to them. In order to realize your company’s real growth potential, leaders on the top team must work together to co-create strategies and actions which are greater than the sum of their individual efforts.  This component of the People Strategy provides a framework for how the team will operate to leverage their collective capabilities in pursuit of a common purpose, vision, and strategy while ensuring clarity and alignment among team members throughout the company.

  2. Creating Strategic Clarity - Most, if not all, CEOs and leadership teams would say they have a sound business strategy.  But, is it communicated in such a way that clearly and concisely articulates to everyone in the organization the key strategic elements necessary for the company to thrive and differentiate itself from the competition, and provide a basis for decision-making, resource allocation and the alignment of goals?

It’s the leadership team’s responsibility to ensure there’s no ambiguity or confusion with what’s most important; otherwise it will act as a detractor to your growth; not a multiplier.  This Strategic Clarity component of the People Strategy provides the framework for linking the behaviors and the performance of every team member to your strategy and goals, and in turn, enabling them to directly contribute to the realization of the company’s growth potential.


  1. Execution Via Reinforcing Practices - The real potential of your company lies within the minds and hearts of each and every team member.  The opportunity to tap the full extent of their capabilities and performance in support of the company’s growth is available to every entrepreneur.  But only a few seize the opportunity.  And therein lies the distinct competitive advantage that is derived by those organizations that have a true People Strategy.  The key is to intentionally design and execute the people (HR) practices in a way that will directly reinforce the growth strategy and desired culture of your company.  This component of the People Strategy  provides the framework and reinforcing practices for aligning everyone’s behaviors and performance with the company’s core values and growth strategy; while building and sustaining a “Great Place to Work” that attracts and retains A-level talent and brings out the best in everyone on the team.

One thing is certain in business and that is change itself; at least in the companies that are constantly innovating and staying ahead of the curve. Whatever your 3 year strategy is today will look different in 3 years.  Markets will change.  The competitive landscape will change.  Consumer tastes, preferences and behavior will change.  The products you’re creating and services you deliver will change.  How you deliver them will change.

And, how well you navigate that change will be totally dependent on your ability to attract and retain the best talent and to get the best out of them working together as a TEAM - that’s culture (or at least that’s Good Culture!).  Make sure yours is as great as it can possibly be to help your organization be as great as it possibly can be.