We have been designing furniture for our clients for years and now are developing our own line of furnishings for 2009. We have pieces in production and are developing more prototypes.

We are material and craft fanatics. The wood we use is from Mountain Lumber and includes 600 year old Chinese Elm, and reclaimed Oak from Guinness fermenting barrels. We have partnered with Charles Luck Stone Centers to find the most distinctive stone available-some of the most phenomenal colors and patterns we have ever seen. Metalwork comes via the craftsmanship of Robert Chase. When he is not building Lemans race cars, he does some fantastic metal and carbon work. Consistent with our collaborative mission, our role in the design is a part of the whole. Material and craft elevate the product, making each piece unique.

Purpose Form and Craft. Our pieces are hand built individually. They are distinctive, signature elements. Signed and numbered, each has its own story and place in time.