Place: Mountain Lumber Install

We made it up to Charlottesville yesterday to install the chandelier, artwork and emeco furniture in the new Mountain Lumber Studio. Everything is coming together quite nicely. The large curving backlit heart pine wall is very impressive and a great contrast to the dark herringbone patterned floor. The long crystal chandelier gives just the right 'zing' to the space and is perfectly set over the stunning "Bamboo" marble table top. We got many passing curious looks while installing these items. Some even poked their heads in with questions about who was moving in and we even got some compliments on the chandelier already. We have really had a lot of fun pushing ideas around that challenge conventional thoughts around reclaimed lumber.

Willie, the founder of the company, came to us with this almost translucent heart pine material, and got us very excited about creating some inventive way to use it. We quickly got to sketching around some wacky ideas and landed on the big curving wall. The material is
actually heart pine thats has too much resin in it to use for lumber, so it would normally be waste. We designed the wall with thinly sliced sheets of it that are backed with plexy and slide into a frame made from the same material and then finally backlit.

We hope the studio succeeds as a catalyst for a new brand identity for Mountain Lumber and introduces more national presence in the design community.

see more pics on our flickr site.