Charles Luck Stone Center Workshop

We stopped by the Charles Luck Stone Center Workshop recently to see how the stone work for their new Charlotte location is progressing. While we missed the onyx wall panels- they are on site for installation, we did see some incredible work.

They had the onyx tops for our furniture ready. The seams feature rotated stone bands to expose the material on edge. Fantastic material.

The Soapstone vanities are made from Alberene material quarried in Virgina, near Charlottesville. They have a hand and sheen like no other stone we have seen.

The 6cm Carrarra marble in the Hospitality suite has a honed perimeter and polished center, separated by the butcher inspired 'blood groove.' Coupled with the flat chamfer edge this classic material shows a little edgy design. We also saw the very stylish Carrarra pedestal- all curvesin these intersecting planes.

The Workshop is amazing in their craft and attention to detail. Without craftsmen like this, our mantra- We Love Design- would be much harder to realize.

Next up- we look at everyday objects that embrace design, and why we are inspired.