Vision, Identity, Brand, Environment. A case study of The Charles Luck Stone Center

This morning we gave a presentation for the Creative Change Center Breakfast Club.

We began the (very early) morning by giving the talk some context- our presentation is relevant to the current economic challenges we all face. The best strategy right now is to think creatively, to embrace a strong vision, develop tactical and strategic paths to both manage through the current climate and to prepare to emerge in recovery. If businesses are not in some dimension of reinvention, they will fail.

It is fair to say 'recovery' will have us all working in many different ways. There is significant cultural change afoot and to some extent for all of us, the nature of our product or service business will change.

The Charles Luck study is a great example of Vision, Creativity and a Distinctive approach.

In the beginning, there was a clear and audacious vision- Charles Luck will redefine the nature of commerce in the stone industry. This was the message from Mark Fernandes, the company president. This is What he wanted to do. The Where, Why and How were yet to be determined.

We mapped the process- word, sketches, connectivity diagrams, touchpoints. All of the contributing components of articulating a vision. This point is crucial- we conducted a charrette that engages the owners and their representatives- from executives to front line. We create and objective forum that facilitates the creation of a design language- authored primarily by the owners.

The Conceptual Master Plan- Defining the Brand Environment- We work in the cross section of Architectural and Brand 'Master Planning' because it is the careful integration of these perspectives that makes strong work. The resulting Master Plan becomes a tool for the Design Team, Owner and other consultants to refer back to during the entire project

To wrap it up we displayed a wall of touchpoints- all the ways you might encounter the brand

Like a our communication diagram we posted a while back- these points are interconnected, and there is no clear hierarchy. With a strong base in your vision and strategy, the path to defining these touchpoints will be clear(er).

To bring it full circle- we encourage everyone to assess their unique irreducible assets- something you own and own alone. Consider your marketplace- how can you redefine the paradigms in your industry to expand and grow your work in ways previously considered impossible. It's this kind of activity that will keep your business relevant and positioned for future success.