People: VCU Interior Design Students

The emerging role of designers and creative thinkers. 40 students filled the Charles Luck Stone Center yesterday and after an excellent tour from Brooke, Jamie and Shannon they got some pizza and a chance to learn about the design process.

The project serves as an excellent example of the complexity in design and the success that a strong Owner/Design Team relationship can have.

Charles Luck has been an inspiration to our "Revolution not Evolution" speaking series for a variety of reasons. The first message to us- we want to revolutionize the stone industry. Second- we want the design team to make us uncomfortable, push our boundries. Clients like this are rare, indeed

Three years later, the studio is a tangible articulation of this directive and an excellent place to speak about the value creative thinkers bring to companies and organizations. We left the group inspired, the parting message- do what you love, do it well and make it meaningful and relevant.