Event: Visual Strategy #2: A Creative Workshop

Building on the success of our initial workshop, we held our second session in collaboration with Floricane and Ansel Olson. Working with a group of key influencers from the city, we presented the same premis- think differently and we offered a few tools to facilitate that work. Over a few hours we engaged the group with these tools to expand on the subject of Richmond’s assets.
As always, we were intrigued by the results. Pushing through the convenient and facile solutions, the group expanded to some visionary territory. 

The notion of Richmond as an incubator and generator of business and creativity as well as a place that reveres and creates history are not necessarily new. The narrative we found the around the character of the environment was an exciting revelation- the physical composition of the city was revealed in a dynamic way.

We will continue our investigation and share the work. The results- well, we don’t know yet. What we do see is inspiration and that is a great path to follow.