Thoughts on VISION. The first in the VIBE series


Vision, in pure literal terms, is the ability to see. In the creative world, we think of the word VISION as having the ability to see beyond the apparent. To see possibilities, or even impossibilities. This is an asset of real value to companies, organizations and individuals as they seek to grow an idea. The visionaries of the world are revered for their bravery and innovation- Steve Jobs, Elon Musk, Richard Branson, Tony Hsieh, etc. 

We think having vision is paramount. Here's why we think so, and some ideas to spark visionary thought-

Vision draws from your personal construct. You are your own best point of competitive distinction. By that I mean, your authentic self brings a unique component to the game, and its something that cannot be replicated. Step one, make your vision personal.

A strong Vision is a little bit frightening. But easy is already done. Easy has been tested and is a proven down-the-middle strategy. Problem is, its crowded there, and is a commodity, price driven marketplace. Pushing into a quality driven position requires a little (or a lot of) risk. Step two, unnerve yourself a bit with your audacity.

Vision is foundational, strategy and tactics are dynamic. Your vision needs to be rock solid, and non-negotiable. How you achieve the vision is an ever changing conversation as the marketplace shifts, your brand matures and the vehicles of commerce evolve. Step three- do yourself a favor and spend the time needed to get it tight and right.

What you do may not be visionary, why you do it sure ought to be. What your core business offers may be a commodity (think Zappos) but why is the key. Look up Simon Sinek- he'll explain it better than I ever could.

Here are a few things we do with our clients to get them to give voice their vision:

Ask 'who cares' and 'why does this matter'. You should be a maven for your vision, and passionate about its importance. You must believe your vision will change the world, even in s small way. If not, its commodity, not visionary.

The 5 why's. Make a vision statement.  Write down why it is important. Then write down why that answer is important. Lather, rinse repeat- 5 times to each subsequent answer. I guarantee you will get to a very personal definition of why your vision matters. 

Test it. Start with friends and see how it sounds. Friends are safe, they are generally easy on you. Then try it on some peers- people you know but are not close with. Last, if you are feeling bold, try a perfect stranger. I dare you. It wont hurt, and I bet you'll have to work hard. Good.

Don't get stuck. Move forward all the time. Its ok to try and fail and use these experiences as a way to define the vision. The thought that you can't get to work until you solidly land the vision is noble, but might put you into analysis paralysis. 

Walking the walk- absolutely. Here is the 37 vision.

We are designers. We love design, we are relentlessly creative, we believe it matters. Our work continually seeks to secure the prosperity of the next generation and leave this earth better than we found it. Design can save the world, give me five minutes, and I'll tell you why.